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One of the many thinks you will cover when you learn to drive is called ‘Show Me – Tell Me’. On your driving test you have to demonstrate your knowledge of your car, in addition to demonstrating your ability to drive, this section is called ‘Show Me – Tell Me’

During your driving lessons with Leanne Barker Driving School you will learn all about the ‘Show me – Tell me’ part of the car driving test, but these video’s from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will also be useful.

Find out about the vehicle safety (or ‘show me, tell me’) questions that you might be asked at your driving test. And more importantly, learn why you need to know about carrying out these checks.

You’ll be asked one ‘show me’ question and one ‘tell me’ question during your driving test

Driving test ‘show me’ questions

Driving test ‘tell me’ questions