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Driving lesson gift vouchers

Not sure what to get someone for Christmas?

Driving lesson gift vouchers available – the perfect Christmas gift

Available in any number of lessons, valid for 6 months

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Learning to drive – the ultimate gift that keeps giving for the rest of your life.

Driving in fog – Highway code rule 235

The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales. It’s essential reading for everyone. Here’s a reminder about driving in fog.

When driving in fog you should:

– use your lights as required
– keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front. Rear lights can give a false sense of security
– be able to pull up well within the distance you can see clearly. This is particularly important on motorways and dual carriageways, as vehicles are travelling faster
– use your windscreen wipers and demisters
– beware of other drivers not using headlights
– not accelerate to get away from a vehicle which is too close behind you
– check your mirrors before you slow down. Then use your brakes so that your brake lights warn drivers behind you that you are slowing down
– stop in the correct position at a junction with limited visibility and listen for traffic. When you are sure it is safe to emerge, do so positively and do not hesitate in a position that puts you directly in the path of approaching vehicles.

From the DSA